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TEAM BRELOQUE - memories lost & found


Myrto Dimitriadou

Direction & Dramaturgy


Ragna Heiny

Set design & Graphic


Yorgos Pervolarakis

Music composition & Sound design


Andreas Simma

Text creation & Acting


Barbara Földesi

Tanz & Choreographie


Daniela Kasperer



Adriana Salles

Dance & Choreography

The artistic working group Breloque was founded in 2020 in Salzburg by Myrto Dimitriadou, Ragna Heiny and Yorgos Pervolarakis and works with various artists, including Andreas Simma and Adriana Salles.

The artistic working group Breloque is a free theater group without a permanent home theater and creates productions that can be performed in different rooms and locations, in-door and out-door.  

The artists work in many different facets of theater, including interdisciplinary theater performances and theater for the very young. They are of the opinion that the central parameters of theater in every artistic genre, abstract or not, story-telling or not, danced, made music or spoken, apply equally to adults, children or across all ages. 

The artists of the working group are convinced that theater and art in general give people of all ages a moment to pause and thus the possibility of inner development of emotions and imagination. Art is dedicated to the inner place that we call the psyche. In this way, the work of art can unfold in the eye of the viewer, but also the soul of the viewer in the work of art.  


An excerpt from Gerd Taube's review of the production “On Air” in the KJTZ blog gives an insight into the artistic approach that is cultivated by our artistic working group: “They combine dance movement with the performativity of making music and singing in a unique way . The audience experiences how the sounds are created through the physical action of the musicians. In some places the atmosphere of these productions is strangely floating, every now and then it becomes verbal and deeply philosophical and often the pleasure and fun of the performers are transferred to the audience. The objects play a special role in the ensemble of the arts ... They are objects with which people dance, make music and play on stage, whose lives can be seen and which could all also tell a story. "  


The motto for theater work for children of all ages

  “Every child - even the smallest - is an independent being who has autonomous desires long before it is able to be autonomous in reality. His lack of experience and his linguistic inability are not to be equated with nothing. ”(Caroline Eliacheff, analyst, France) 

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