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Direction & dramaturgy: Myrto Dimitriadou

Set design & graphic: Ragna Heiny

Music composition & sound design: Yorgos Pervolarakis

Text creation & acting: Andreas Simma

Choreography & Dance: Adriana Salles

lost & found

Do you already have a bracelet made of memories?

A theater bracelet for young and old from 3 years

The artist group BRELOQUE  comes with the creation BRELOQUE - memories lost & found  to the OVAL. Breloque actually means charm in French. A breloque is actually a small, beautiful or ugly, expensive or cheap pendant on a bracelet. And actually, many centuries ago, it was a small symbol with a big effect, with which cities and villages gave beggars permission to enter the premises and practice their profession: a passport hanging on a bracelet, a charm bracelet. The pendants stayed and remembered places, people, animals, plants, objects, love and friendship, and situations.

The dancer Adriana Salles, the musician Yorgos Pervolarakis, the actor Andreas Simma, the stage and costume designer Ragna Heiny and Myrto Dimitriadou for the direction create, together with the audience, a theatrical bracelet of small and large memories for young and old. Triggered by acoustic stimuli, spread out over the stage in pictures, stories, poems, in words, dance and music. The theatrical experience is actually a dialogue between the audience and the players. We therefore invite you to experience the theater bracelet with the little breloques with us.


Photos copyright by Nikos Stavlas
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